Frequently Asked Questions

My sewers are blocked. Who should contact?

Please contact Water Service (sewerage/blocked drains/water problems) 08457 44008.

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The streetlights on my road are not working. Who should I contact?

Please contact Roads Service (Responsible for street lights) 028 302 53333.

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What dates are the monthly Council meetings held on?

The dates of the monthly meetings can be found here.


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How do I get my name on the Electoral Register?

For information on how to register to vote or to find out if you are listed on the Northern Ireland Electoral Register please contact the Electoral Office Headquarters located at:
St Anne's House
15 Church Street

Telephone: 0800 4320 712 (freephone) or 028 9044 6688


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What is a Household Recycling Centre?

A Household Recycling Centre is a place where householders can take unwanted rubbish for reuse, recycling and disposal. Previously Householders may have called these sites, Civic Amenity Sites, tips or dumps.

Household waste is typically:-

  • The waste that you would normally put into your wheelie bin at home,
  • Green waste from your garden and
  • Items of furniture you would take with you when you move house.

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I went to my local Household Recycling Centre and they would not let me in with my wheelie bin, why?

Newry and Mourne District Council are operating a strict no wheelie bin allowed policy at Household Recycling Centres. This is for health and safety reasons. There is no tipping equipment for wheelie bins at the HRCs and users risk themselves and damage to and loss of their bins, by attempting to empty their bin contents into the skips. Also, waste in wheelie bins is, in our experience is unlikely to have been sorted.

Extra waste from a wheelie bin or house, can be put in a black bag(s), green or white sack or transported loose to the Household Recycling Centre. The Council supply one free green sack for the transport of garden waste and one free white sack for the transport of materials for recycling e.g. glass. Please see the website for more information.

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Why did the staff at my Household Recycling Centre ask to see inside my bags of waste?

Staff at the Household Recycling Centre are authorised to ask users to open their bags for a number of reasons. These include: -

  • Council policy and direction to staff.
  • If a staff member suspects that the bags are full of a mixture of materials that can and can’t be recycled.
  • If a staff member suspects that bags are from a business.
  • If a staff member suspects that there is restricted materials in the bags e.g. paint, car/cooking oil or plasterboard.
  • Save ratepayers money, with a target to save £192,000 by reducing the waste going to landfill by 4,000 tonnes.

The Council has implemented changes to the Household Recycling Centres to help us to reach a target of reducing waste going to landfill from these sites by 40% to 6,000 tonnes. This will help us to reach our recycling target, reduce landfill costs and avoid European fines, which are currently £150 per tonne. The Household Recycling Centres are monitored by Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) for the safety and security of customers and staff. HRC users are requested to be courteous to site staff and other customers. Abuse and intimidation of site staff and other customers will not be tolerated and legal action may be taken or individuals may not be permitted to enter the HRCs again.

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How much waste can I take to the Household Recycling Centre?

  • Newry and Mourne District Council have introduced a policy of no more than a car boot load (equivalent up to 6 bags/50kgs) of unsorted waste allowed per visit per day. If users are bringing more than this into the site, users will be asked to sort their waste into recyclables and non-recyclables.
  • Users can take a car, small van/trailer load of recyclable materials and a car boot load of non-recyclable materials to the HRCs per visit per day.
  • Large vans/large trailers loads can only be taken to Kilkeel, Camlough or Aughnagun HRCs.

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I work and I like to do my gardening in the summer evenings, when can I take my garden waste to the Household Recycling Centre?

The Household Recycling Centres are open Monday to Friday till 6.00pm from the 1st April till the 30th September. They are also open on a Saturday from 9.00am until 5.00pm. We understand that some residents need time to do their gardening and visit the HRCs in the evening and this is why we also have a late night opening till 7.00pm at our busiest HRCs, as detailed below.



Summer (1st April - 30th September)










9.00a m-7.00pm

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I am a transit van driver, why can I not get into Newry, Warrenpoint or Newtownhamilton Household Recycling Centre?

The Council has introduced height barriers of 1.94m at these HRCs to tackle the problem of trade abuse at the HRCs by businesses. This abuse includes businesses claiming to be householders and not paying for the services (charges apply to businesses for the use of these sites). The only effective control to halt this practise was to restrict vans and large trailers that businesses mostly use to transport their waste. It is accepted that there are householders who use vans to take genuine household waste to the HRCs and this is one of the reasons, why height barriers are not in place at Kilkeel, Camlough and Aughnagun HRCs.

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I am carrying out home improvements in the house, what can I do with the resulting waste?

To facilitate householders, we will accept amounts up to a car, small van/trailer load (estimate equivalent 6 bags/50kg) of this type of waste that can be recycled, per day (except excavated material, which we don’t accept at any centres).

Building and home improvement wastes are not household waste and we don’t have to accept this type of waste, or provide householders with free disposal for it.

This includes:-

  • Excavated material, including soil and sods, clay, gravel, stone, broken concrete, tarmac, etc (not accepted at any of the centres). Greenhouses, sheds, panes of glass, window-frames, internal or external doors, garage doors, concrete slabs, bricks, blocks, plaster, cement, timber, radiators, fireplaces, gas fires.
  • Bathroom fittings i.e. toilet, bath, shower base, shower-screen, wash­hand basin, bidet.
  • Kitchen cupboards or base units and sink units.
  • Water tanks and cylinders.
  • Heaps or piles of loose branches.
  • Gas cylinders.
  • Motor vehicle or motorcycle parts including wheels and tyres.

For loads over 50kg of other building and demolition wastes, rubble and soil, householders will have to make their own arrangements for the disposal of the waste, by hiring a skip or company to take it away. Details of companies offering these services can be found in the yellow pages under “waste management”.

Restrictions regarding the disposal of plasterboard was introduced in 2009. Under no circumstances should plasterboard be placed in your wheelie bin or in any of the skips at the Household Recycling Centres. If you employ a tradeperson to remove your plasterboard, you should ensure they have a Carrier of Waste Licence and takes the material to an appropriately licensed facility. Newry and Mourne District Council have set up a plasterboard skip at Aughnagun Household Recycling Centre and a charge applies.

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I am a business; can I use the Household Recycling Centres?

Yes, you can. Non-recycleable waste and large loads of materials for recycling for which a fee is payable, are accepted ONLY at Camlough, Kilkeel and Aughnagun HRC.

Cars, small vans and small trailers from businesses with certain materials for recycling can use Newry, Warrenpoint, Newtownhamilton and Hilltown for free. Please check the website for the list of materials businesses can recycle charges information at the HRCs

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I pay business rates, why do I have to pay to use the Household Recycling Centres?

Business rates do not cover businesses for any recycling or waste service. You are responsible for the management of all the waste your business produces. Legally, businesses have a duty of care for the disposal of all their recyclable materials, commercial waste and general rubbish.

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What should I do with my garden waste?

Residents have a number of choices to deal with their garden waste. By using a home composter, residents can produce their own compost from grass cuttings, leaves, hedge clippings and kitchen waste. Council offer a 330ltr compost bin for £20/ unit collected. Please telephone 028 30313233 or email for more information composting at home.

Alternatively, some residents have a brown bin where we will do the composting for you. At the moment 10,300 homes have a brown bin for the recycling of all kitchen and garden waste. Those householders get their brown bin emptied every fortnight April- September and Monthly in the winter season October- March.

Green garden waste can also be taken down to your local Household Recycling Centre where there are skips or compactors for this type of material.

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Do you accept agricultural plastics at your Household Recycling Centre?

Council will not accept agricultural plastic at the Household Recycling Centres due to its dirty and bulky nature. Emerald isle and Polygon recycling are two companies that provide recycling of agricultural waste. Please check the company’s websites more information.

Polygon Recycling http:/ +44 28 308 78052 or

Emerald Isle Tel: 028 94473583

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Do you accept polystyrene at your Household Recycling Centre?

We will accept small amounts of polystyrene on site if they are bagged and contained. Commercial customers will be charged by volume of waste delivered.

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What can I do if I have a large amount of cardboard?

There are compactors for cardboard at each of our Household Recycling Centres. Cardboard should be flattened and all contents removed.

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What should I do with large amounts of recyclable material?

If you have more recyclables than will fit in your bin, please use one of the larger recycling banks that can be found throughout the District.

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How is the Community Safety Partnership funded?

Community Safety Partnership is funded directly by the Department of Justice.

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How does the Community Safety Partnership decide what projects to fund?

The community Safety Partnerships has a set number of Strategic Priorities and they are:

  1. To reduce anti social behaviour.
  2. To reduce violent crime.
  3. To reduce the fear of crime.
  4. To increase confidence in the police and criminal justice system.

All community Safety Projects in the Newry and Mourne area must address these Strategic Priorities.


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What is Summer Splash?

Summer Splash is a separately funded project which provides groups with amounts of funding to reduce anti social behaviour during the months of July and August.

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Where is the Community Safety Partnership based?

The Community Safety Partnership is located in the Monaghan Court Offices and is managed by the Newry and Mourne District Council.

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Can you view the CCTV footage?

You can view CCTV footage by filling in a dat 1 form which is available to download from the Newry and Mourne District Council website. You then must take this form to your local PSNI station and pay a £10 fee. This will allow the monitoring suite to search for the footage that is required.

We would encourage everyone to report any incident to themselves or their property to the PSNI, The investigating officer in the PSNI will then search for any relevant CCTV footage and you can view it in communication with the PSNI.


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What is Community Television?

The Community Television is made up of 10 TV screens that are located across Newry and Mourne in the following locations:

Southern Regional College

Newry Library

Newry Deli Lites

Newry Bus Station

Newry Daisy Hill Hospital

Newry Kilkeel PCT

Warrenpoint Library

Newtownhamilton Health Centre

Crossmaglen Health Centre

Sean Hollywood Arts Centre

The clips on the community TV give out messages that are about Community Safety, Health Crime and other environmental issues that are relevant to the people of Newry and Mourne. The system does not carry any advertising and the content is controlled by the Community Safety Partnership.


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