The provision of Economic Development Services within the Council comes under the remit of the ‘Enterprise Development Unit’ (EDU), which is one of the 3 sections of the District Development Department.

Economic Development under Local Government Legislation is a relatively new function and since its establishment in the early 1990s the local promotion of economic development via the Council’s EDU unit has proved to be a tremendous success. In 2009, following the completion of previous strategies, the Council began the implementation of an Economic Development Strategy based on a comprehensive review of Newry and Mourne's social and economic position, the needs of the area, the people and the Council's access to resources. The Economic Development Strategy 2009-2013 was formally launched in March 2010 and a copy of the executive summary can be obtained from the attached link provided.


Throughout this section of the site, information and general portal signage is provided on Economic Development/Relevant Organisations within the Newry and Mourne area

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