Finance Department

It is our priority to look after the interests of you, the ratepayers, making sure you get best value for money at all times - and our professional, friendly teams are dedicated to doing just that.

The Council’s financial performance for the year ended 31 March is as set out in the District Fund - Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet.

These financial statements have been prepared in line with the Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in the United Kingdom: A Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) and the Department of the Environment Accounts Direction. It is the purpose of this foreword to explain the financial facts in relation to the Council. Comparative figures have been restated to take account of changes in accounting treatment as a result of the SORP.

This Statement of Accounts explains Newry & Mourne District Council's finances during the financial year as listed and its financial position at the end of that year. It follows approved accounting standards and is necessarily technical in parts.

The Council has a statutory responsibility under Local Government legislation to produce an annual report and accounts each year in a format prescribed by the Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland and also to strike a District Rate for each financial year.

The following functions are carried out within the Finance Department

  • General Accounting, which covers Annual/monthly accounts and budget preparations.
  • Preparation of wages, salaries and Members payments
  • Payment of suppliers
  • Collection of monies from customers
  • Providing an independent internal audit service
  • Information technology
  • Central purchasing and Stores management.

Finance Department Charter

Our Mission Statement (Our Purpose)

"To enable the Council to make decisions and deliver its service on the basis of timely management information provided by progressive I.C.T. systems supported by risk management and audit procedures"

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Fraud and Corruption Policy

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Whistleblowing Policy

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Pecuniary Interests, Gifts & Hospitality Policy

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The Pecuniary Gifts and Hospitality Registers are available upon request at the Reception Desks in Monaghan Row and Greenbank.

The Register of Interests is available upon request from the Council's Administration Department