Radiation Monitoring

Argus Project - Gamma Radiation and Weather Monitoring Station - Kilkeel

The Argus Project is a non-profit making trust dedicated to providing environmental data that is automatically archived daily from a UK-wide network of Argus monitoring stations owned by local authorities, universities, environmental groups and individuals.

Newry and Mourne District Council operates Kilkeel which is one of five Northern Ireland based outstations whose purpose is to continuously monitor the external background gamma radiation level at a fixed site. There are stations also at Portavogie, Belfast, Omagh and Coleraine. The Northern Ireland Stations are part of the Argus UK-wide network.

Linked to each NI station are a number of weather probes recording rainfall, ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and wind direction. Information on all of these parameters plus the gamma radiation levels past and present can be accessed by the station operator at any time but the daily average, maxima and minima are sent by email to identified persons on a daily basis

Readers can view and compare the information at www.weatherprobe.co.uk