In Northern Ireland it is a legal requirement to obtain a licence from the Department of Justice before purchasing display fireworks.

You will need to contact the NIO's Firearms and Explosives Branch to obtain an application form and this will be sent to you with an invoice for the licence fee which will be a minimum of £30. The contact telephone number is 02890 520760, or write to Castle Buildings, Stormont, Belfast BT4 3SG.

Completed application forms should be sent back to the NIO at least 6 weeks prior to your display. They should be accompanied by a list of fireworks you intend to use and a site plan showing the firing area, fallout area, safety distances and spectator area.

If you are holding a category 2 garden display, a more simplified application form is required.

Once your application form has been submitted, a health and safety officer for this council will contact you to arrange a site visit to discuss your safety arrangements. The officer will make recommendations to the NIO on whether a licence should be issued and may attach specific conditions to the licence.

Illegal Use of Fireworks Wrecks Lives.

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