Un-Named Roads Project

Background Information

The function of postal numbering and naming was transferred from the Post Office (now Royal Mail) to local Councils and postcodes were introduced into Northern Ireland in the early 1970’s. The Council inherited from the Post Office the historical road names, in which the roads where occupied.

The Licensing Section of Newry and Mourne District Council have identified approximately 75 un-named roads in the District. As a result there is a requirement for new address allocations and the re-alignment of existing addresses.


What are the benefits of new address allocations and the re-alignment of existing addresses?

Due to roads not being officially named, this causes problems for the Emergency Services when trying to locate roads and/or properties. By having official road names and numbers displayed, this can help to save lives of the residents in rural areas and increase emergency response times, thus making a significant contribution to the health and well-being of the community.

Having regard to the impact on the Emergency Services, along with an increase in general enquiries from the public and businesses about postal addresses, the Licensing section have commenced the process to name these un-named roads.

As a resident, will I have the opportunity to have a say in the naming of the road I live on?

The residents of the un-named roads will have the opportunity to have an input into the naming of their road in order to maintain the rich cultural heritage of the Newry and Mourne District Council area, and to reflect local townland names, local geographical features or historical features. To assist with this, the licensing section intends to survey all appropriate residents.

Once the roads have been officially named the Council will erect street nameplates on all the roads. The Council will then inform the residents and statutory bodies of the new address allocations and the re-alignment of existing addresses e.g. Royal Mail, Northern Ireland Electricity, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service, Police Service of Northern Ireland and Ambulance Service, etc

When the Licensing Section has completed the project, each named road will have its own unique postcode and each premises in the District will have a recognisable address. This will assist the Emergency services, Royal Mail and it is important in today’s society with the increase in internet shopping and home deliveries.

Is my postal address one of the affected addresses?

To find out if your postal address is one of the affected addresses, please see the maps of un-named roads in each of the 5 electoral areas;




Slieve Gullion


The Fews


The Mournes


For further information please telephone the Licensing Section, Newry and Mourne District Council’s Environment, Health and Building Services Department on (028) 3031 3000, or email unnamedroads@nmandd.org